SNA Utah Regions and Chapters


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Utah is divided into 8 Areas, with Chapters within the Areas


Chapters provide members with local opportunities for approved training, meetings, networking opportunities, and fundraising for registration to SNA Utah events and local scholarships.  Chapters may also be involved in community outreach opportunities to members. Chapter Presidents serve on the Executive Board. They also serve on committees for membership, education, events and public policy legislation.

Area Leadership

Chapters join together in designated areas to provide SNA members personal training, instruction and fellowshipping opportunities during each fall and spring.  Area Directors are responsible for planning and scheduling the area meetings and advertising the meeting content to the chapter presidents in their area.

Area  Area Director
1 - Cache Susan Wallentine
2 - Green River Jeneane Warren
3 - Sevier Karen Seely
4 - Dixie  Paula Loveland
5 - Basin Gwen Prescott
6 - Davis Linda Kingston
7 - Oquirrh Kelly Orton
8 - Nebo