Member Benefits


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The School Nutrition Association provides national and local conferences each year where members can obtain valuable training, socialize with their peers and be recognized for the outstanding work they do for children.  

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Beautiful quilts and valuable door prizes are provided each year at the Utah Summer Conference. Donations are provided by our membership every year to support important community services such as the Primary Children's Medical Center.

Opportunities for growth, leadership and recognition is an important part of belonging to a SNA Utah chapter.  Each year, individuals are recognized by SNA of Utah with cash awards:  

  • Louise Sublette Award given to the most outstanding Utah kitchen manager
  • Heart of the Program Award given to the most outstanding Utah kitchen employee
  • Director of the Year Award given to the most outstanding Utah program director


With a voice of over 58,000 members, the School Nutrition Association has the power to effectively petition the U.S. Congress to improve National School Lunch, Breakfast and other authorized school meal programs.  This is especially important every five years when funding and program regulations are modified through the very political reauthorization process.   

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  • Every year, over 800 SNA members and industry leaders team up to march on Capital Hill and secure funding for our programs.
  • SNA works closely with USDA and industry leaders to help formulate nutritional standards and regulations that promote student health.
  • SNA leaders, nationally and locally, defend our program against inaccurate media reports and promote the many positive things we do for the children in our community.
  • Members of local chapters will band together each year to support charitable events in their communities. 

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Professional Development

The School Nutrition Association offers a rich array of continuing education programs for SNA members and the entire school nutrition community. Whether you're just beginning your career in school nutrition or seeking to deepen your understanding of the intricacies of school feeding programs, SNA has the resources you need to get started.

  • SNA Certification and Credentialing programs add credibility to your position as a school foodservice professional.  Increase your knowledge in food safety and nutrition, enhance your professional image, and climb aboard the career ladder of advancement from food technician, to manager, to director.
  • Over $1 million in School Nutrition Foundation scholarships have been awarded in the USA to help our members.
  • SNA of Utah offers $1,500 continuing education scholarships to our members annually.
  • SNA Webinars and SNF Education Programs and Courses are available online through the School Nutrition University.   

Member Benefits

Membership with SNA Utah will benefit your district, your staff, and your own professional development. SNA Utah offers a variety of benefits to members: 

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  • Membership in SNA Utah automatically qualifies membership in the School Nutrition Association (SNA)
  • Professional education opportunities (at reduced registration cost)
  • Opportunity to attend conferences: Annual state conference, Spring and Fall conferences; Regional meetings
  • Invitation to join affiliate chapters of SNA Utah
    Opportunity to network with other foodservice professionals for program enhancement
  • Technical advice, assistance and support from mentoring foodservice directors: Food cost control, Labor cost control, Marketing, Menu development, Nutrition Education, Food bids, Procurement assistance, Commodity assistance
  • Opportunity to join group purchasing cooperatives for effective purchasing power
  • Ability to grow professionally through certification and credentialing
  • Ability to shape school nutrition policies at the national and state levels
  • Scholarship opportunities for tuition assistance (self or dependents)
  • Awards opportunities

SNA Utah strives to provide effective and useful education and training opportunities to all Indiana members.  By working together and sharing ideas and experiences, we can make Utah school foodservice a benchmark for all school foodservice operations throughout the country.


In the ever-changing atmosphere of Utah and national legislation, SNA Utah works diligently to advocate for Utah school nutrition professionals and the children we serve at a state and national level.