Public Policy and Legislation

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Public Policy and Legislation

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SNA Utah takes an interest in and is very active in all matters of public policy and legislation that affects health and nutrition of children, especially as it pertains to child nutrition in school. We advocate measures that seek to improve the nutritional environment, operational regulations, program expenses, reimbursement rates and other important issues that affect school nutrition programs. We thank the Congress for continuing to support child nutrition and for recognizing that nutrition is linked to good health, academic achievement and national security.


Making Your Voice Heard

SNA has released its 2021 Position Paper as well as the accompanying talking points.  
The School Nutrition Association (SNA), representing 57,000 professionals who work on the frontlines in school nutrition programs, urges Congress and the Administration to protect students by strengthening the federal government’s commitment to these programs. Congress should bolster historically under-funded school meal programs, which contribute to economic growth and national security, and USDA should continue to minimize unnecessary regulatory burdens.

For the most up-to-date information on legislative information related to school nutrition, please follow the link below to the School Nutrition Association:


School Nutrition Association Legislative Action page