SNAU Industry Partners and Local Membership

SNA Utah provides direct access to Utah School Nutrition directors, supervisors, buyers, managers and other professionals who represent over $74 million in buying power annually.

SNA Utah members rely on our industry partners as experts in their prospective fields.  New techniques and innovations with food, equipment, supplies, chemicals, software and operational services are developed when strong ties exist between industry and the end user.  This partnership of experience and knowledge is vital to our mutual success.  

SNA Utah provides a mutually beneficial relationship opportunity between SNA Utah members and industry professionals.  Become an Industry Partner by sponsoring a booth at our Vendor Fair.  Enhance your exposure and receive additional benefits by joining SNA of Utah as a Local Industry Member.  See benefits listed below.

Important Notice: The School Nutrition Association of Utah manages its own local industry memberships.  Industry Membership with the National School Nutrition Association is separate from that of SNA Utah.


 SNAU Industry Membership & Partners


Annual Cost

Benefits Details

SNA of Utah

Local Industry Membership 

(May 01 - April 30)

$200  Annual  Dues

  • Early Booth Selection for Vendor Fair at Annual State Conference
  • Representation through SNA of Utah Industry Advisory Board
  • Company Name and Contact information plus Enhanced Advertisement options provided on 
  • One Free Business Card Advertisement in the Annual State Conference Booklet
  • Opportunity to serve on Industry Advisory Council (IAC) and other SNA Utah committees, per availability

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SNA of Utah Annual State Conference 






  • Display Products during the Vendor Fair at the Annual State Conference
  • Company Name and Contact information listed on Virtual Marketplace Vendor Center
  • Purchase Business Card Advertisement in the Annual State Conference Booklet ($75 each)

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Please contact the following members for additional questions about becoming an SNA Utah Industry Partner and/or Local Industry Member:

Monica Hight, SNA of Utah Industry Representative Chair

Amy Mills, SNA of Utah Membership Chair

 Contact Genina Walton, SNA of Utah Treasurer to obtain tax form W-9 (SNA of Utah Taxpayer ID Number)